We strive to be environmentally responsible through reduction and recovery practices.

  • Work with venues to minimize the use of single-use plastic and opt for glass or other reusable materials
  • Provide name badges made from recycled plastic
  • Facilitate a gift marketplace, offering clients reusable products and enabling them to select only the gifts they’d like to keep (limiting waste from undesired gift giveaways)
  • Offer clients the option to decline daily housekeeping at registration and by displaying signage on doors
  • Provide safe drinking water in jugs or glassware instead of individual single-use plastic bottles
  • Stock client hotel rooms with nutritious snacks in sustainable packaging
  • Strive to use products made from recycled or other sustainable materials (e.g. recycled plastic name badges)
  • Utilize digital over hard copy communications wherever possible, through email, mobile app, and digital signage
  • Our meeting space will use either locally rented material or material that will be repurposed for future Innovate Canada events (e.g. meeting space partition walls)