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We are pleased introduce you to your Innovate Canada hosts. Virginie and Bryan look forward to welcoming you in November.

Virginie De Visscher
Executive Director

+1 204 802 0920

Virginie De Visscher joined Destination Canada Business Events in 2017 with a tenacious determination to reimagine how the country attracts business events to its destinations. As Executive Director, she leads a team of sectoral and sales experts to advance the organization’s economic sector strategy — which focuses on growing the country’s share of global conferences within its six priority sectors.

An innovative thinker with a highly collaborative approach, Virginie has extensive experience in business development, international operations and humanitarian aid. Among her most memorable career defining moments, she has spearheaded Economic Development Winnipeg’s “Bring it Home” program that attracted over 110 meetings and conventions, and led a multitude of successful international missions as the Director of International Trade at the World Trade Centre Winnipeg.

Before moving to Canada in 2010, Virginie’s career took her to countries across the globe. Her varied work experience includes roles as the Operations Manager of UGACOF Ltd in Uganda and a Commercial, Marketing and Administrative Manager with Transys in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has also been the Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Manitoba since 2016.

With an infectious enthusiasm and passion for topics that range from sustainability to meeting trends, Virginie is a highly sought speaker and thought leader. She has received a wide range of certifications, including her Sustainable Excellence Associate designation through the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and Certified International Trade Professional designation through the Forum for International Trade Training. Virginie also holds a Masters of Science from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, and a diploma of Biosystems Engineering. 

Bryan Blue
Business Development Manager -
Economic Sectors

+1 514 229 3493

Bryan Blue is a seasoned professional in business development and client relations, specializing in foreign direct investment and attracting international events to Canada. Bryan joined Destination Canada as a business development manager with a focus on leveraging his professional experiences to attract business meetings conferences and events from the Agribusiness, Finance and Insurance, and Digital Industries sectors.

With a rich background that spans across various industries and countries, his roles have involved leading business development initiatives, managing and expanding client relationships, as well as spearheading international projects. Bryan’s contributions have been instrumental in launching and nurturing startups, facilitating intergovernmental collaboration as well as in advancing corporate entities into new markets, particularly in the dynamic sectors of agriculture and tech innovations.

At the core of his professional journey is a deep commitment to fostering relationships and building bridges between entities to facilitate market expansion and sustainable development. Bryan's influence extends beyond organizational boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on the communities he serves.

He looks forward to sharing his insights and experiences to inspire the next wave of global investment and attraction of business events to Canada while hosting you at our Innovate event.