Pre-assigned 15 to 20 minute one-to-one meetings with Innovate Canada guests take place on September 13 and 14 in private meeting areas assigned to each partner at the Fairmont Empress.

Each 10x10 meeting space will contain at a minimum:
- one (1) coffee table
- seating for 4 (1 couch and 2 armchairs, 4 armchairs)

Should you wish to ship items in advance, please use the following address:
c/o The Fairmont Empress
721 Government St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1W5
Attention: Innovate Canada, Genevieve Carter

We strongly encourage you to make your meeting space "yours." Use marketing materials or items to make the space representative of your destination; the choice is up to you! Please let us know if you require any local vendor recommendations. In keeping with our focus on sustainability, we do ask that you refrain from having small branded giveaways during your one-to-one meetings.

Your meeting space is available for set-up one hour prior to the start of the meetings. You will receive images and layouts of your pre-assigned space in advance of the program so you can prepare to make your space amazing.

Your one-to-one meetings will be assigned prior to arrival. This individual schedule will be posted to your app agenda approximately one week in advance of the event when all guests are registered. Don't worry, though—you’ll be able to meet with each guest!

Should you require any additional items for your room, please feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.