**Detailed event itinerary coming soon!  This schedule is being updated.

Monday, May 8

Welcome to Waterloo!

We are pleased to welcome you to Waterloo, Ontario. Please make sure you visit our registration desk in the lobby of the Delta Hotel Waterloo today between 12:00 pm and 5:00pm. (12:00 – 17:00).  The partner briefing will take place at 4:00pm.

At 5:30pm we welcome you for a casual welcome reception.

Tuesday, May 9

Attendees of Innovate Canada will have the opportunity to take part in our Advanced Manufacturing Tours to visit local companies who are leading advanced manufacturing technology innovations in Canada. 

Explore Waterloo hosts an evening for attendees of Innovate Canada. 

Wednesday, May 10

Advanced Manufacturing Tours will continue on Wednesday with a visit to advanced manufacturing labs in Waterloo Region.

This afternoon is your opportunity to meet with guests experts during pre-assigned 15-20-minute information sessions. During Innovate Canada, all guests will have the opportunity to meet with all destinations.  The One To One meetings are a set of 15-20-minute rotating informational sessions that allow you to connect with each guest taking part in Innovate Canada to learn about the opportunities for business events, investment, development and cooperation.

Prepare to be wowed at Destination Canada’s and Invest in Canada's Signature Business Events Dinner, creating a sense of place unlike anywhere else in the world. Taking in regional cuisine and inspired entertainment, we hope you come away amazed.

Thursday, May 11

The final One on One Meetings will take place in the morning after breakfast.

A Farewell Lunch will take place following the One on One meetings at the hotel.  For those who have opted in, the optional Toyota Tour will take place in the afternoon after lunch.