Edmonton - Everyone's Welcome

Edmonton is a vibrant urban center in the heart of the wilderness, the largest northernmost metropolis, and the capital of Alberta, Canada.  Eclectic, inventive and energetic, the best of Edmonton intersects the unconventional and the unique all into one itinerary.  Bursting with eclectic neighbourhoods, a world-class culinary scene, awe-inspiring Indigenous experiences, and more than 50 festivals year-round, Edmonton erupts with unexpected delights. Be prepared to come hungry for food, adventure, or both.

The agriculture landscape of the Edmonton region boasts remarkable scale, firmly rooted in a legacy of sustainable excellence. Spanning across a vast expanse that encompasses a bustling urban hub and 1.7 million acres of fertile farmland, the regions agriculture and agri-food sector seamlessly integrates rural and urban dynamics, blending traditional methods with cutting-edge technology. Fuelled by robust research and development ecosystems, Edmonton’s agricultural prowess is a testament to innovation and harmony between urban and rural life.

In Edmonton, the fusion of urban vibrancy and nature offers a captivating journey where innovation thrives amidst the beauty of wilderness, beckoning visitors to explore a world where tradition meets cutting-edge excellence. We invite you to join us in Edmonton – Everyone’s welcome.